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Support - Problems Playing Videos

1. The video seems to stop and start

If your internet connection is too slow, video may stop and start. To prevent this, you will need a high speed internet connection that provides at least 400 kilobytes per second. A normal high-speed connection should deliver much more than that.

If you have a slow internet connection, you will need to check with your internet service provider to see what the problem is. Once you get a fast enough internet connection, you will find that our website works quite well.

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2. I cannot play all of the videos, only the ones highlighted in green.

If this occurs, you are in our demonstration section. Simply click on the "Video Selections" link to return to our full library of programs.

video selections

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3. The videos won't play at all.

Our site is designed to stream video to all computers and mobile devices. Occasionally, linkages to our website through a school or other institution can cause difficulty with streaming video. If this occurs, try going to our site directly at

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4. Why do the video segments vary in picture and sound quality?

Our programs have been made over many years. Video technology has progressed considerably and so our programs show their varying origins in both older and newer videotape technologies as well as the most modern digital formats.

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5. Why can't I view the videos over a dial-up connection?

An internet dial-up connection sends information at 56K, or about 56,000 bytes per second. Although that speed works fine for regular browsing of websites, it is simply not fast enough to provide smooth, high-quality video playback at a reasonable screen size. For this reason, you will need a high-speed connection to view our video segments. This means either a DSL line or cable modem in your home, or a high-speed connection or wireless access provided through your home, university, hospital or other institutional setting.

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