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Support - Problems Logging In

1. I am having problems registering on the website.

To register or subscribe to our website, always go directly to our site at Do not use any link on your school's website to reach us for registration as linking can interfere with secure transactions. However, once you have registered, our site will usually operate correctly through school links.

2. I registered but I cannot log in.

If you paid by credit card and your card information was correct, you will also receive an email message welcoming you to our website. This message contains the user name and password you chose during registration. If your credit card information was incorrect, you will see an error message on our screen and you will not receive the confirming email message. Because your attempt to register was unsuccessful, we could not open a subscription account for you. In this situation, please check your credit card information and try again.

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3. I was able to log in to your website before but now it is not working.

If this occurs, be sure you are entering the correct user name and password. Remember that these are "case sensitive." That means you must use capital or small letters, just as you did when you created your user name and password. If you created your user name in all small (lower case) letters, you will always have to enter your user name the same way. This also applies to your password. If you are entering this information correctly and you still cannot enter our website, please contact us.

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If you cannot find the information you need, click here to send us a message.

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