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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is this website intended for?

The website is intended for use by all students, residents-in-training and practitioners in the health professions.

What does a subscription cost?

An individual subscription costs $12.95 per month, or even greater savings at $129.95 annually, approximately the cost of a single physical diagnosis textbook.

We also offer a special "semester" option: either 5 months of access for $64.95 or 5 months of access plus our matching textbook for $104.95 plus shipping and handling.

To subscribe, click "Subscribe" on the sidebar.

Health care institutions are invited to register for group access. In this way, any number of users can have 24/7 access to our website and all of our educational programs. For institutional rates, please contact us.

How does this service work

By purchasing a subscription to the Medical Media Systems website, you have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to a complete online learning system for physical examination training. From nearly any computer with high speed Internet access and a sound card, or any tablet device or smartphone with broadband access, you can log on and access the streaming media files.

How can I evaluate this website before I subscribe?

Simply click on the Demo link. You will be able to use the streaming video section, but with fewer active video selections available.

How do I use this site?

Use of the "Video Selections" page is clearly described in the "How to Use" section. Very simply, all video selections can be accessed from an easy to use menu bar at the top of the page. The page then presents a selection of video segments available. Simply click and watch! You can select exactly what you want to see and can learn at your own pace.

What are the programs you offer on this site?

We offer five streaming media online educational programs.

Interview Skills. This is a major new addition to our website. It includes a comprehensive program on medical history-taking, using examples from actual patients to demonstrate interview techniques; training on recognizing nonverbal cues, and organ-system based modules on common symptom presentations, again showing how actual patients describe their symptoms.

Examination Techniques. This is an updated and re-edited version of our “Techniques of Physical Diagnosis” videotape series, winner of over 20 awards internationally. It also includes a new section on Pediatric Examination. This section is cross-referenced with abnormal findings.

Abnormal Findings. This is our “Living Atlas of Medicine”® series, produced for this website. We are continually updating and adding to this section as video materials become available.

Ophthalmoscopy. This is an interactive version of our “Effective Retinal Diagnosis” videotape series, winner of over 10 awards internationally.

Heart Sound Interpretation. This is an animated step-by-step tutorial designed to teach heart auscultation skills from the very basics to advanced heart sound complexes.

Does this site work with all internet browsers?

Yes it does! Our universal player works with all browsers.

Does this site work with mobile devices

Yes! You can view our programs on your smartphone, iPad or other tablets.

Does this site provide closed captioning.

Yes it does. You will need to use a Mac or Windows PC to access this feature. Once you are playing a video, simply click on the 'CC' in the upper right corner of the screen and closed captioning will appear.

Is this all the programs you offer?

No way! We are continually adding new video programs. For a listing of what is coming to the site soon, click here.

I've heard these programs are "award-winning." Where are the awards?

Our programs have won over 25 awards. Just click here for our awards gallery.

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